Dear Supporters,

I decided to run for Congress because I believe I can offer our region the local representation it deserves and so desperately needs. My run has been rooted in my experience as a small business owner and school board member, but, most of all, as a family man.

From my mother teaching me about organized labor when I asked about an “Uvas No!” poster as a child all the way through to my Congressional campaign, my family has been the center of my politics, the lens of my politics, and the purpose of my politics.

The threat of wildfire matters most to me because I want my wife and two sons to be safe. The homeowners insurance crisis matters most to me because I am responsible for keeping a roof over our heads. My economic platform is centered on small business because that’s how I’m putting my son through college and how our economy can be strong enough for him to have a job at home if he wants to move back. I have been advocating for the caring economy because I want my wife to have more support as she cares for my mother-in-law. I want my sons to live in a world with a healthy environment and a society free of gun violence. And so on.

When I attended the CADEM convention earlier this year, I asked Rep. McNerney for advice about running for Congress. He told me that I had to be willing to sacrifice almost everything and I took that advice to heart, pushing myself harder even when I have felt like I had reached my limits.

But my motivation is rooted in my love of my family and they urgently need me in my roles as a father, a son, and a husband right now. I have only told a few people but I have been continuing my campaign for Congress in the face of deeply challenging family situations.

For months, I have managed to press on largely thanks to my tireless staff and my dedicated supporters. You all have buoyed me as my mother’s health has deteriorated, and as I’ve faced numerous other familial and personal challenges. It is clear that, for the foreseeable future, I face a devastating choice—my family or my Congressional campaign.

Effective today, I am suspending my campaign for Congress.

Letting you down is heartbreaking. So many people have put their time, their money, their hope, and their expertise on the line for this campaign. Your support means so much to me and delivering for you is why I have pushed through personal hardship for as long as I have.

This District and nation face great challenges at this exact moment, and I have not given up my commitment to fighting for us. I am dedicated to ensuring that the power we have built together will have impact.

Once I have a moment to breathe, I will find ways to use what we have built to help solve the challenges we face in this district and to win representation up and down the ballot. You will hear more from me.

Until then, I want to say thank you for all you have done for this campaign and all that you do for our community.

With so much gratitude,

Sean Frame